Ah, the office shredder. Back when you were an intern whose primary job was to go on coffee runs, you kind of liked turning documents into tiny strips of paper. The buzz of the machine and the satisfaction of creating bags of paper was enjoyable. But now, you’re too busy to shred documents all day. Now, you have documents piled high that are waiting for that shredder.

We get it: document shredding is time-consuming and boring, and it’s probably the last thing you want to do with your afternoon. But may we suggest that you bust out that shredder as soon as possible? Your sensitive documents are less secure than you might think.

Shred Those Documents: How Data Security is More Important Than Ever

Did you know that identity theft and fraud are on the rise? Because our information is more readily accessible than ever, and because the Internet has made average criminals more informed, identity theft has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry. This incredibly lucrative crime is often used to fund organized crime. All a seasoned criminal needs is one or two pieces of personal information to assume someone’s identity and ruin someone’s day (or life).

Today, businesses are in possession of thousands upon thousands of pieces of data about customers and clients. Banks, hospitals, financial institutions, and other organizations are entrusted with personal and sensitive information. Customers today demand a high level of security in return for their business. Don’t join the scores of companies that, in the last year alone, have suffered security breaches and made customer information vulnerable.

The moral of the story? Brew a fresh pot of coffee, bring some interesting reading material, and start shredding those documents. For more office security tips, visit our website at www.careding.com.