Are you struggling with what kind of wide format printer to buy? The struggle is understandable since wide format printers are available in black-and-white, color, and both–just like personal printers. Which one you choose directly effects what products you’ll be able to print, and the wrong decision could mean frustration down the road.

Many companies are choosing “hybrid” wide format printers: printers that can produce both black-and-white only and color results. Here’s why.

Why Choose a “Hybrid” Wide Format Printer?

Hybrid wide format printers are growing in popularity, mostly due to the flexibility they offer. If you’re printing 4-color graphics and color architectural drawings, for instance, a hybrid wide format printer is ideal. You can produce stunning graphics with a printer that handles black-and-white lines and color with equal quality.

The technology of hybrid wide format printers has been around for a while. They are essentially wide format inkjet printers. But the beauty of these quality machines is that they are built to handle the brunt of your day-to-day black-and-white prints and the high-quality color prints. This flexibility allows you to print quality color graphics when you need to while relying on your black-and-white fallbacks on a daily basis.

Who Uses Hybrid Wide Format Printers?

You can use these versatile machines for advertising, fine art prints, architectural plans, blueprints, signs, posters, banners, and so much more. The uses of wide format printers are seemingly endless with more applications available every year.

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