Green Office Certification

Going green has been a buzzword in business for quite awhile now. While it has become popular for businesses to say they are going green, it can be difficult to successfully implement all of the necessary changes to legitimately take their green initiatives to the next level.

The C.A. Reding Green Office Certification is our way of helping businesses consolidate their green initiatives into one easy to track solution. Our Green Office Certification falls into four different categories, and businesses that utilize all four areas receive the C.A. Reding certification, showcasing that your business is taking every necessary step to do your part and help the environment across the board.

Reducing Power Consumption

By lowering the amount of power that your office uses, you can easily reduce costs as well as your environmental footprint. Many businesses are not taking the necessary steps to consolidate equipment where possible or to utilize energy efficient equipment, which can have a significant impact on your business’s monthly expenditures.

Reducing Paper Usage

Unmonitored paper consumption is one of the most significant unnecessary drains on a business’s budget. By taking the necessary steps to properly monitor and track printing, you can easily identify problem areas within your business and can lead to additional cost savings that you may not have thought possible.

Reducing Waste

Outside of power consumption and paper usage, there are many additional areas in a business where you could be reducing waste. At C.A. Reding, we help you identify these problem areas and begin to reduce unnecessary waste in all areas of your business.   

Reducing Expenses

An inherent benefit of each of these areas is that you will not only reduce waste, but also reduce your expenses, increasing the profitability of your business.

By taking part in the C.A. Reding Green Office Certification, you are taking steps to not only decrease your business’ unnecessary waste in the form of paper, electricity and more, but you are also giving your business an added boost of revenue by eliminating a number of areas where you are currently overspending. 

To learn more about the C.A. Reding Green Office Certification, and to learn how you can become certified through C.A. Reding, please contact us today!