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Fresno's only authorized dealer to lease and sell Electronic Whiteboards by Ricoh.  These smart white boards are a powerful tool adding interactivity and collaboration for your staff without having to use an old school dry erase board. More on that below.

Powerful Use Benefits of Electronic Dry Erase Boards

An Interactive Whiteboard is one of the many technologies which are revolutionizing businesses, classrooms, healthcare, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). Here are key benefits for each industry:

Interactive Classroom

Teaching with an electronic whiteboard allows lecturers to accommodate all different learning styles:

  1. Tactile learners get to touch and move things around the board. They can also make notes and highlight elements
  2. Visual learners benefit from a clear view of what is happening on the board
  3. Audio learners can participate in a class discussion 

AEC Interaction in Practice

Finding an effective way for engineering teams and architects to interact while viewing 3D models of complex buildings and conducting LEAN planning is a high priority within the AEC community these days. Digital whiteboards provide:

  1. Real-time markups and modifications to existing AUTOCAD design in the pull planning process 
  2. Full scale visualization of plans. schematics, details and diagrams on interactive touch screen displays
  3. Collaborative interactive participation

The Ricoh Interactive White Board, ie: smart boards represent the next wave of innovation to complement comunication and collaboration for design CAD, rendering and 3D Modeling.

Hospital Interaction in Practice

During a presentation, physicians can show a photograph or a picture of a part of the body on the electronic white board. Then, they can annotate it, adding labels to demonstrate the key aspects with using JUST a finger or with the included digital pen (stylus).

The finished drawing can be saved and handed out to students and staff or uploaded to the cloud for later viewing. 

The Whiteboard Experts in Fresno, CA

We have full team of Ricoh factory trained techs to service interactive whiteboards. Products are delivered directly from our own stock in Fresno County, CA and are easy to install, set up or configure.