Three Simple Steps to Go Green in the Office

Are you aware that your office equipment can help your company meet environmental sustainability goals? If your company has a stated goal to go green in the office, there are some nearly effortless ways to meet those goals. Check out our list of suggestions to get started.

Green Initiatives You Can Live With

Going green in the office is easier than many people realize. Here's how to get started on your company's green initiatives in three simple steps.

Why CEOs are Getting On Board With Document Management

As the CEO of your company, you've most likely heard the buzz about electronic Document Management. Your CFO and director of finance may already be on board. By citing reasons like improved productivity, reduced lag time, and lower costs, accounting departments show they have long recognized the benefits of replacing paper-based systems with streamlined digital workflows.

Sensational Customer Appreciation Event 2017 - Recap

c.a. reding company customer appreciation event

This year, we opened the doors on March 15th, 2017 to our customers that have supported us over the years. As we build our business brick-by-brick, we find ourselves surrounded by people that want to help us succeed. People that entrust their referrals to us, check in from time to time, or even simply “Like” every post we share as we build recognition.

Words cannot express the appreciation we feel for our loyal customers, family and friends.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Wait to Upgrade

If your copiers are in the five-to-ten-year range, you're probably thinking about an upgrade. Even if your imaging equipment is still cranking out documents, there are plenty of other reasons to get busy replacing them. We'll go over a few of the most compelling reasons in the blog today.

Old Equipment is Expensive

Your imaging technologies may still work (in a manner of speaking), but they may also be the cause of the decreased productivity and higher operating costs you've noticed lately.

CPC and Managed Print—Is There a Difference?

manged print services agreement

Occasionally clients mistake their device maintenance CPC (Cost Per Page) agreement with a Managed Print agreement. While some segments of these services may overlap at times, the two are not the same.

Your Managed Print Services Agreement

Managed Print Services differs from a simple CPC agreement in several key areas. Here's our top 4 differences you'll find in the service agreements. 

C.A. Reding Company to Sponsor Central Valley Go Red For Women Luncheon

central valley go red luncheon at clovis veterans memorial district

C.A. Reding Company will be the official bronze sponsor for the Central Valley Go Red for Women Luncheon on March 17th. 2017 in Clovis, CA. The one day event includes a fashion show by Macy's including talks from local heart survivors. It will be held at the historical Clovis Veterans Memorial District.

Managed Print Services for Healthcare Industry

Managed Print Services for Healthcare Industry | C.A. Reding Company

Five Reasons to Lease An MFP for Your Medical Office

copier leasing for healthcare industry

There's no question that medical offices generate massive amounts of documentation, both digital and paper. You need office equipment that can bridge the gap between your paper and digital workflows while still maintaining compliance.  Here are five reasons to look into leasing your next MFP.

When Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Prepared?

At the risk of sounding like a doom-and-gloom relative everybody loves to avoid at holiday gatherings, we think you should spend some serious time contemplating your company's worst-case scenario. Really.

Just think about the worst that could happen. How about a fire that takes down your entire building? Or a massive snowstorm that causes your roof to cave in? Worse disaster can and does happen all the time—hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes, and the surprise massive equipment failure. The real question we'd like to ask is this:

Are Your Copiers a Security Risk?

You take every precaution to keep your company's data secure, but have you thought about your printers and copiers? While you certainly don't need one more thing on your already-too-long task list, you'll need to put this particular job near the top.

The Risks

Hackers have discovered gold in business printers and copiers. Whether it's through an unencrypted hard drive, sensitive documents abandoned on print trays, or weak passwords, unauthorized users have uncovered numerous security vulnerabilities on business copiers.


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