Streamline Your HR Processes With Electronic Document Management

For many organizations, there's no longer a viable reason to delay beginning an electronic document management strategy. With affordable solutions for companies of all types and sizes, even small businesses can realize a fast turn-around on their document management investment.

4 Good Reasons to Lease Your Next Copier

Has your office been getting by with an out-of-date copier? If it's time to upgrade to your old device to a multifunction copier, leasing may provide the solution you need to make a move.

To find out if leasing is the right solution for your organization, consider these 4 leasing advantages.

Managed Print: Something Worth Talking About

managed print

You've probably never sat at a local coffee shop and chatted with colleagues about Managed Print Services, but maybe you should give it a try. If your small to medium business is looking for a way to reign in operating costs, Managed Print can deliver in a big way. And that's something worth talking about.

How Does Managed Print Work?

First things first: A discussion of the mechanics behind Managed Print Services.

Where to Get Tailored Suits in Fresno Every Man Needs

mens suits in fresno by R Douglas

Ryan Douglas at the age of three got his first suit custom done by his seamstress Mother opens R. Douglas, a custom clothing store for men in Fresno right off Palm Ave this past month. 

Choosing the Right Technology Solutions Provider

office equipment

Choosing the right technology provider is every bit as important as choosing the right office equipment—perhaps even more so. Device downtimes can have negative impacts that ripple across your organization.

In today's highly competitive business environment with instant responses and lightning-fast product deliveries, no company can afford to risk delays caused by faulty office equipment. All of which begs the question, what's your plan to avoid downtimes?

Five Ways Document Management Improves the Shipping Process

document management

Moving your products out the door requires more than a simple shipping label. The highly competitive global market has brought about increasingly diverse challenges, and regulations surrounding both domestic and international shipping adds another layer of responsibility. In addition to these difficulties, today's customer expects fast turn-around times, 100% accuracy, and no-hassle return processes.

Avoid These Critical Copier Buying Mistakes


Purchasing new copiers for your business is a relatively involved process. You need to choose from a sea of industry-leading manufacturers, and that's only the beginning.

No matter your decision, you'll want to make certain your choice is the right one. Read our tips for avoiding some common mistakes business owners and managers make when purchasing or leasing copiers.

Managed Print—It's All About Savings

managed print

Managed Print Services helps businesses gain insight into their print infrastructure, offering solutions to optimize devices, spend less money, and waste fewer resources. At the end of the day, Managed Print is all about savings.

Save Money

It may seem counterintuitive, but outsourcing can be a move that saves money. In the case of Managed Print Services, it can save your company as much as 30% on your current print-related expenditures.

Finding the Right Fit in a Document Management Solution

document management

Shelving your paper-based systems is a move in the right direction. You'll reduce costs and speed up processes as a matter of course. But if you're ready to go beyond the basic scan-and-store stage, you'll want to find a document management solution that's the best fit for your organization.

In The Top 8%, Our Service Engineers Score Big

ca reding company lanier dealer service award 2016

C.A Reding Company, the Central Valley's largest independent copier dealer, recently recognized a field engineer for earning the Ricoh “Prestige” Certification, a designation for service engineers that demonstrate a knowledge and skill set that makes them the “Best of the Best” as part of Ricoh’s Service Excellence Program

Why this could benefit you? 


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