Protecting Your Data: Are You Missing Something?


We're all well aware that disposing of a computer or mobile device isn't a simple matter. Whether we hand our tech devices over to a recycling center, sell them, or donate them to a grateful third party, we take careful steps to make sure none of our data remains on hard drives or memory chips. Nicely done. But did you forget something?

Weed Out Inefficiencies With Managed Print

Managed Print

Small to medium business owners are often experts at cutting costs. In an ever-fluctuating economy, weeding out unnecessary spending is essential. Research shows that many companies have no clear method to track printing costs, and many spend much more than they realize.

The Managed Print Solution

Managed Print Services is one way business owners can uncover hidden expenditures, reducing printing costs by as much as 30% annually.

Get More From Your Laser Printer & Tone

Office Equipment

You want to get the highest possible return on investment for your office equipment. Those who get the best results know the value of learning all they can about their devices to keep them in top condition.

Your toner is a major player when it comes to getting the most from your printers and copiers. Read below to discover how it works and how to get the best value.

Our Performance Promise to You

c.a. reding company performance promise

If you experience a problem, C.A. Reding will make it right. We've written this down in our Performance Guarantee with any copier device you lease with us. Read the full contract below.   

5 Really Big Advantages of Document Management

Document Management

If you're worried that a business document management system will be too much for you and your staff to take on, it might help to ask a few question like, Are your filing cabinets, shelving units, and binders full to overflowing? 

Have you resorted to off-site storage for archived files?

Does your staff sometimes find it impossible to locate a critical file?

10 Amazing Reasons to Buy Local

Copier machines near you fresno, ca

Buying local is more than just a trend. When it comes to your copiers, supporting a local vendor could easily be the best business decision you'll make all year. With office locations in Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto and Stockton, we got you covered. 

10 Amazing Reasons to Buy Local

  1. Go local to get the best of two worlds: Industry-leading technology partners paired with local, personalized service.

Service Call Placement

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2 Easy Recipes to Make This Summer

summer recipe in fresno

I don’t know about you, but the summer is one of the perfect seasons to gather family and friends together for a chow-down. The recipes below will definitely steal the show if you bring it along to a potluck, or just pop it right in the middle of your dinner table at home.

And the best part of these recipes?

Extremely easy to make. 

So grab your rainbow of ingrediants, and let's make some.

Managed Print Services—What Can Happen if You Don't Use It?

Managed Print

It's a common practice to make a list of benefits when change is on the table. A list of advantages can help us decide whether or not to move forward when making a decision. Managed Print is no exception.

A Quick Look at the Benefits

When it comes to Managed Print Services, it's easy to list the benefits:

  • Reduced printing costs.

  • Proactive device maintenance and repairs.

  • Cost transparency.

  • Improved productivity.

  • Fleet optimization.

Four Tips for Creating a Business Letterhead

One of the perks of owning state-of-the-art office equipment is the ability to print customer-facing materials in-house. New software and printer technology have made the process available to the even the most casual user.


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