If you’ve just begun looking at multifunction copiers, you may be more than a little overwhelmed by the options. Take a deep breath, read our tips, and then give us a call. You’ve got this.

1. Budget Considerations

We can help you discover just how much you should expect to pay for copiers with features to meet your needs. Leasing is a viable option and allows SMBs to acquire technologies they may otherwise be out of reach.

Don’t forget that it’s critical to look beyond initial costs to the total cost of ownership. Low-cost copiers may be easy to get in the door, but they have a track record for high maintenance costs and often require expensive supplies.

2. Volume & Speed Requirements

It’s critical to let your equipment supplier know how many documents your company produces in a typical week. Paper-dependant businesses place a heavy demand on their copiers, both in monthly duty cycle and speed.

3. Finishing Features

In-house printing has some definite advantages over outsourcing, and today’s copiers have the features you need to bring professional document printing to your location. Look for features like folding, stapling, collating, hole punching, and even saddle stitching to save time and money.

4. Color Printing

Don’t automatically exclude the possibility of color before you’ve done some research. Color printing isn’t as costly as it used to be, and the ability to print and mail color-rich customer facing materials from your home office can give your company an edge over the competition.

5. Customer Service

The best copiers in the industry won’t be any good to you if there’s no service behind the sale. Look for a trusted local vendor with experience, award-winning customer service, and a performance guarantee to back it up.

We match our customers with the best products for their unique requirements and then stand behind what we sell. Contact us to learn more today!