Office equipment is expensive but necessary. The best way to take care of your equipment is to be proactive with maintenance and properly care for your devices to keep them functioning at it’s best.

Here at C.A. Reding Company we love to help our customers whether it’s finding you new office equipment to fill your needs or to repair and to maintain your office equipment.

5 Best Tips to Maintaining Your Office Copier Fleet:

  1. Training Your Team
    Your team should know the basic features and functions of your copy machine but it would be ideal if your team knew maintenance basics too such as how to fix paper jams correctly and replace toner cartridges.
  2. Maintenance Agreements
    Although they seem like an expense you can forgo, maintenance agreements are actually very helpful and will save you more money than they cost. Forget calling in a third party technician that can cost hundreds, relay on your maintenance agreement for quick fixes and maintenance check-ups you can schedule every quarter for your equipment.
  3. Connect To The Network
    If your office uses one copier to service all of your employees it will be a time saver to connect the copier to your company network so the equipment is eligible to all employees.
  4. Prevent Jams
    As the weather changes, your office environment can get humid and expose your equipment to moisture causing more paper jams. Keep your ream of paper in a dry location even when not opened.
  5. Reduce Static
    Static electricity can cause damage to your equipment. Prevent damaging your equipment by placing a rubber mat in front of the machine.

Taking time to properly maintain your expensive office equipment helps prevent costly maintenance calls, keeps workflow efficient, and saves your equipment for longer use.

If you have any questions about your office equipment or maintenance, submit an INSTANT QUOTE today!