Searching for information is expensive. With the average employee doing just that for about 1.5 hours each day, it makes good business sense to find a better way to store, manage, and access your documents.

The Sensible Solution

Improve the way your company does business, the way your employees collaborate, and the way you protect your information. Document Management provides the sensible solution you need.

  1. Find what you need, when you need it. Ditch the piles, binders, and bulky filing cabinets for instant access to your information. Document Management makes it a reality.
  2. Improve collaboration to improve productivity. Sharing paper documents is a cumbersome way to brainstorm. Even when everyone has a copy, it’s difficult to keep track of updates and final versions. Document management gives everyone access to the same document at the same time, no matter their location. With real-time versioning, you’ll never make the mistake of moving forward with yesterday’s news.
  3. Control who has access to your information. Paper filing systems are hardly secure. Document management solutions allow administrators to decide who can access what documents. It also provides options for tracking who opens a document, what they did to it, and when it happened.
  4. Reduce or repurpose your existing office space. There’s no doubt that your office space takes a big bite out of yearly revenues. Why use it to keep filing cabinets and binders cozy? With an electronic Document Management system, you can reclaim that space. Use it for value-added projects or make room for a much-needed new staff member.
  5. Be prepared for the worst. If the worst happens and a disaster destroys your physical business, a Document Management system ensures that your real business—your collective knowledge—still exists. You probably have insurance for your furnishings and floor coverings, and they can be replaced, but your information is even more valuable. Back it up with a secure Document Management System.

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