Not Again?!

Your copiers are an integral part of your organization’s daily operations. They do more than just copy—they’re document production tools that keep your business moving forward. That’s why things tend to go downhill fast when your copiers aren’t functioning correctly—or at all. Top 5 brutal things that happen when your copier goes down.

We’ll refrain from dwelling too long on the moaning and hair-tearing that follow when your copiers go on the blink, but we would like a minute of your time to talk about some of the less obvious difficulties.

  1. Loss in productivity— It’s a shame to see those hourly employees killing time because the project they’ve been working on all week is suddenly in limbo.
  2. Missed deadlines— Maybe it’s just Murphy’s Law of Copiers, but they seem to fail at the most inopportune times. On second thought, is there ever a good time?
  3. Missed opportunities— Is there anything worse than asking your clients to wait because your copiers have failed? Actually, there is. You could ask them to accompany you on a drive to the corner copy shop. If you throw in coffee and donuts, they might overlook it this time.
  4. Paying for service— If your copiers were purchased from a big-box office supply store, you might not have access to qualified technicians. Emergency break-fix scenarios are never cheap.
  5. Playing catch-up— Your employees may have enjoyed the break, but everyone knows there’ll be plenty of catching up to do when the copiers are back in service.

Ready for a Change?

You need your copiers to help keep information and workflows moving. Here are just a few benefits high-quality copiers and printers can bring to your enterprise.

  • Increase your productivity with copiers that print, copy, fax, and scan to folders or email.
  • Save money by replacing outdated technologies with energy-efficient copiers built with the environment (and your budget) in mind.
  • Bring professional printing in-house with sharp text, clear color images, and finishing features like hole-punching, stapling, and booklet-making.

To learn which copiers are a perfect fit for your organization, get in touch with us at C.A. Reding today!