You take every precaution to keep your company’s data secure, but have you thought about your Managed Print Services and copiers? While you certainly don’t need one more thing on your already-too-long task list, you’ll need to put this particular job near the top.

The Risks

Hackers have discovered gold in business printers and copiers. Whether it’s through an unencrypted hard drive, sensitive documents abandoned on print trays, or weak passwords, unauthorized users have uncovered numerous security vulnerabilities on business copiers.

The Solutions

To make sure your company doesn’t become a hacker’s next victim, check out our list of tips to protect your data.

1. Deploy user authentications. It’s not enough to password protect your company’s computers; you need the same protections on your copiers, especially those connected to your network. Require strong passwords or ID cards for all staff members to keep unauthorized users out of your copiers and your network.

2. Know what you have and where it’s located. Many organizations don’t know the number or even the location of their imaging devices. Companies with multiple devices would do well to partner with Managed Print Services to help gain control over their fleet and their data.

3. Speaking of location. It may be convenient to park your copiers and multifunction printers in the hallway or multipurpose room, but these areas are typically not monitored. Locating your devices in a secure area increases your ability to keep unauthorized users away.

4. Try pull printing. Did you know that employees regularly report seeing sensitive data like correspondence and personnel files in print trays? Pull printing requires users to be present at the device to print, thereby reducing the incidences of sensitive documents left unattended in print trays.

To learn more ways your copiers can help keep your data secure, contact us for a confidential conversation at C.A. Reding today!