If your organization is considering Managed Print Services or entering its second or even third generation of an MPS engagement, you may be wondering how to get the most from this experience.

Maximizing Your Benefits

Thousands of organizations have received value from a Print engagement, gaining reduced costs through consolidation of devices and continuous monitoring. For organizations looking for more, here are a few suggestions to for adding improved value to your MPS partnership.

1. Begin With a Thorough Assessment

Managed Print success starts with an in-depth assessment of your current situation. Managed Print experts will evaluate your workflows, devices, and print speeds over a period covering anywhere from two weeks to as long as two months. The data gathered during this assessment will help them pinpoint areas requiring improvement, all with an end goal of improving productivity and reducing costs.

2. Stay Open to Additional Services

Many organizations opt to begin with a somewhat limited Managed Print engagement. As the partnership develops, they consider adding additional services as they’re needed. For some businesses, Managed Print opens the way to consider other services like Document Management and Document Routing to improve processes even further.

3. Get More From Your MFP

Multifunction printers and copiers can provide your company with powerful digital workflow solutions, but many office managers aren’t sure how to unlock their full potential. An on-site assessment of your requirements and your existing devices can provide the answers you’re seeking.

4. Evaluate and Address Issues As They Arise

Ongoing monitoring, reporting, and adaptability are key to a successful Managed Print Partnership. As issues come to light, service providers will evaluate problems and provide the solutions you need to see continued improvement.

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