Purchasing new copiers for your business is a relatively involved process. You need to choose from a sea of industry-leading manufacturers, and that’s only the beginning.

No matter your decision, you’ll want to make certain your choice is the right one. Read our tips for avoiding some common mistakes business owners and managers make when purchasing or leasing copiers.

1. Buying the Wrong Device

This one seems obvious, but there’s nothing worse than discovering you’ve overlooked a critical feature. To avoid purchasing the wrong device for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What features do we need for our daily processes? Be sure to survey your staff if you’re not 100% certain.
  • What are our speed and volume requirements? Purchasing copiers that can’t keep up with demand is a common mistake.
  • Do we need networked multifunction printers and copiers to automate and digitize current processes? The latest technologies can help your company meet your goals to go paperless and secure your information.

2. Choosing Black and White Over Color

Many businesses shy away from color printers and copiers, believing them to be more expensive than black and white. If your company truly never needs to print in color, that’s probably the right choice. But if you’re spending money on outsourced color printing or to print color documents on a desktop inkjet, you’re paying too much. Speak with a representative to find out the true cost of ownership for color copiers and printers. You may be pleasantly surprised.

3. Not Understanding the Terms of the Lease

A reputable vendor will take plenty of time to make sure you understand the terms of all lease and service agreements. It’s in their best interest—and yours—to provide you with the best possible service.

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