You’ve spent a lot of time on growing your business. You pay attention to trends and make sure you’re keeping up with the competition. Is your office equipment keeping pace? Have you upgraded and replaced old technologies to keep up with demand, or are your devices barely holding their own?

Is It Time for an Upgrade?

If you’re frustrated by annoying bottlenecks in your office processes, the fault may lie with your office equipment. Here are some good reasons why an upgrade may be in order:

1. You’re not getting the quality output your business needs to stay competitive. If you haven’t checked out the latest printing technologies, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s now within reach of even small businesses to produce professional quality documents in-house. Print customer-facing materials on demand without the long waits and expense associated with outsourcing.

2. You’re paying too much for repairs. At some point, those old devices become cost prohibitive. It makes good economic sense to redirect those parts and repair payments toward a new device.

3. You’re paying too much for prints. A new multifunction system will pay for itself through a lower cost-per-page, faster output, and fewer downtimes. The latest systems also include features to reduce power costs, paper, and toner usage and have built-in technologies to digitize paper-based processes.

4. You’re running out of space. Is your office cluttered with isolated office equipment islands? If space is at a premium, don’t upgrade your office space—upgrade your office equipment! A multifunction printer can help solve the problem by combining the capabilities of four systems in one space-saving unit. Lease an MFP and save the space currently occupied by your printer, copier, scanner, and fax device.

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