For many organizations, there’s no longer a viable reason to delay beginning an electronic document management strategy. With affordable solutions for companies of all types and sizes, even small businesses can realize a fast turn-around on their document management investment.

A Closer Look at HR Processes

If you’re still bogged down in paper-based processes, a look at the advantages to be found in your company Human Resources department may help you come to a decision.HR departments are uniquely poised to benefit from electronic processes. Here’s why:

  1. They are responsible for handling highly confidential employee records from the initial date of hire through retirement.
  2. Organizations acknowledge that the cost of managing, storing, and securing employee documents is too high.
  3. Multiple layers of security combined with government compliance mandates mean paper-based HR processes are extremely difficult to secure.
  4. Extraordinarily large volumes of documents and processes related to employees mean more staffing and higher salary requirements for employers.

The Document Management Solution

Document Management software can significantly reduce the resources required to manage employee-related processes. Automating Human Resources departments through electronic document management and routing delivers advantages your organization can’t afford to miss. Here are some of the most-often cited benefits:

  • Speed up new employee onboarding procedures.
  • Reduce errors caused by repetitive data entry.
  • Secure confidential employee data.
  • Speed up insurance re-enrollment processes.
  • Keep employees informed about benefits changes.
  • Eliminate paper-based storage systems, saving time and money across your organization.
  • Reclaim the office space formerly required to archive HR documents.
  • Improve employee morale by answering their HR-related inquiries faster and with greater accuracy.
  • Reduce the chance of penalties related to regulatory compliance failures.
  • Reduce the risk of litigation due to HR security breaches.

If you’re interested in helping your business save time and money by improving your Human Resources processes, contact the document management experts at C.A. Reding today!