Has your office been getting by with an out-of-date copier? If it’s time to upgrade to your old device to a multifunction copier, leasing may provide the solution you need to make a move.

To find out if leasing is the right solution for your organization, consider these 4 leasing advantages.

1. Stretch a Tight Budget

There’s no question that state-of-the-art copiers can help your business improve productivity, but what if the budget won’t allow for an upgrade? Leasing allows small to medium-sized companies to budget for office systems and technologies they might not otherwise be able to afford. And a predictable monthly lease payment delivers the budget stability many small businesses need to plan for the future.

2. Get More Features

Not every company can afford to purchase new copiers as technology changes. Leasing can help level the playing field with bigger competitors by making it easier for SMBs to access the latest technologies sooner. Some lease agreements even include upgrade options that can be accessed before the lease ends.

3. Write It Off

Legitimate write-offs can be difficult to come by, no matter your type or size of business. By leasing your copiers and printers, you can write off the monthly payment as an expense. Since you don’t own the devices, they don’t fall into the category of depreciating assets, so you’re good to go! As always, tax laws can change, so check with your accountant before making any purchase with an eye toward tax savings.

4. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Ownership has its advantages, but guarantees and service agreements expire, you’ll bear the brunt of all maintenance, parts, and repairs yourself. Leasing your copiers often means these types of expenses can be covered in your agreement.