You’ve probably never sat at a local coffee shop and chatted with colleagues about Managed Print Services, but maybe you should give it a try. If your small to medium business is looking for a way to reign in operating costs, Managed Print can deliver in a big way. And that’s something worth talking about.

How Does Managed Print Work?

First things first: A discussion of the mechanics behind Managed Print Services.

Managed Print offers workable solutions to your print-related problems, and there are very likely more problems than you realize. A majority of business owners can’t provide an answer when asked how much their organization spends on printing. There’s no way to track it, and no time to look into the issue. Managed Print begins by providing this number, and for most companies, it falls around 1%-3% of combined annual revenues.

Here are just a few of the services to expect from a Managed Print partnership:

  • An initial assessment of your print infrastructure provides insight and metrics on all printing equipment, the processes involved, the people who use your devices, and your print volumes.
  • Solutions to improve workflows with fleet reorganization and process evaluation.
  • Access to support from industry-trained technicians.
  • Access to OEM supplies.
  • Automatic supply ordering to keep up with demand and stabilize inventories.

How Will Managed Print Help Us Save?

With cost reductions as high as 30%, there’s no question that Managed Print delivers an excellent return on investment. Reductions come about through decreased waste, streamlined processes, reduced downtimes, and one monthly invoice for all print-related costs. And with no stack of help-desk tickets for print-related issues, your IT team can get back to adding value to your organization.

To learn more ways Managed Print can help your small business succeed, contact us at C.A. Reding today!