Managed Print Services (MPS)

mps program

Do you feel like your copiers and printers are no longer friends in your office?

Are your machines taking unanticipated time offs, constantly calling in sick, spending too much time in the break room, consuming too much toner and paper and jamming to their own music instead of grooving with your office’s tune?

Stop the headaches and make C.A. Reding Company your Managed Print Services provider. 

What are the benefits of Managed Print Services?

We’ll bring your office the help it needs. With our managed print services, we'll monitor and manage your print fleet on a continuous basis so you don’t have to. 

Combined with C.A. Reding Company's well-known customer care and award winning service, our program will provide you with an all-in-one solution. 

  • Deploy existing equipment so that the most efficient devices are printing the most output, nearest to those that need it
  • Provide superior quality toner supplies
  • Reduce your printing cost 
  • Fix problems before devices break down
  • Make educated decisions about replacing your printing assets
  • Submit meter readings automatically
  • Transparently sees the costs of your devices, down to the pages 
  • Ensures the best utilization of your fleet

Customer Testimonial

“I was frustrated with my prior vendor because their service was not reliable. Technicians were unable to show up in a reasonable time, and I was left with printers that didn’t have toner during crucial business hours.  With C.A. Reding Company, toner, parts, and labor is all inclusive. I cannot remember the last time I had a printer in the office that did not work, it is just a non-issue. Glad I made the switch to a local vendor that takes care of our partnership.”

Scott Gardner from Central Valley Trailer