Your imaging devices were designed to be valuable partners, helping you meet your goals by improving workplace productivity. If that’s not what’s going on in your office, perhaps it’s not your printers and copiers, but a lack of management that’s the real source of the problem. An unmanaged print infrastructure can cause several unexpected and costly problems.

Top 5 Signs Your Printer Is Extremely Bad

  1. Under-the-radar print spending
  2. Frequent device downtimes
  3. Expensive emergency repair costs
  4. Workflow bottlenecks
  5. Security vulnerabilities and data breaches

If any of those difficulties sound familiar, perhaps it’s time to give Managed Print a try.

Don’t worry, there is a solution for you: Managed Print Service

Beginning with an initial assessment, Managed Print Services can provide workable solutions to reducing print costs while improving productivity and document security. Here’s how:

Your Initial Assessment

Understanding where you stand is the first step toward gaining control of your print infrastructure. A print assessment will provide the answers to questions like:

  • How much are we currently printing?
  • What is our total print spend?
  • Are we wasting valuable resources by allowing unnecessary printing?
  • Do we have the correct number and type of printing devices to serve our needs?

Ongoing Daily Print Management

Your assessment is just the beginning. Managed Print Services provides the proactive solutions you need to keep workflows moving and costs under control.

  • Remote monitoring of your devices to remedy issues before they have a chance to impact workflows
  • Ongoing data reporting to keep print volumes under control
  • Policy and rules implementation to keep unnecessary printing at bay
  • Automatic supply reordering to reduce the need for bulky supply closets and expensive inventories
  • Fleet right-sizing and strategic device placement to improve workflows
  • Solutions to increase document security during printing and sharing

To learn more about the benefits provided by Managed Print Services, get in touch with us at C.A. Reding Company today!