With so many security buzzwords around these days, one can easily get bogged down. But, since security is so critical for your business, it is important to understand the basics. Here we look at what you need to know about copier and printer security.

Did you know that modern copiers contain a hard drive that can save a copy of every document you’ve ever printed or copied? Every time you copy, print, or scan a sensitive document, your machine is saving a copy, which means unless you institute proper security protocols, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to attack.

Password Protection

Passwords are used for everything, and your copier is no exception. Change the “default” admin password on the copier and use a long combination of letters and numbers, not something simple that anyone could figure out. Its also a good idea to implement passcodes for employees who use the equipment, this lets you track behavior and usage. And, make sure you set up a password protected router between the copier and the Internet and/or implement firewalls.

Protocols in Place

Its imperative to think about how daily activities like copy, print, and email are being secured. Take comfort knowing that when you work with a professional print manager, like C.A. Reding, we have multiple security protocols, such as encryption, in place to keep your sensitive data safe.

Hard Drive Override

When the time comes for a new copier, it is time to erase any sensitive data from your current equipment. Depending on whether you own or rent your copier will determine the best way to override the hard drive. If you own your copier, you can override the hard drive and then remove and physically destroy it to ensure all proprietary information is gone. If you lease, be sure to work with your leasing company to override/destroy all data. As your print manager, we can help you ensure the protection of copier hard drive data.

If you are in the Fresno or Visalia areas and need information on copiers, printers or any related services, be sure to contact a certified leader in green office practices, C.A. Reding.