1. The ability to move easily and lightly
  2. The power to respond and recover quickly

There’s no denying that agility can help your Fresno company gain a competitive edge, introducing new software and ideas ahead of the opposition. But where does the cloud fit in, and why should you care?

What is Cloud Agility?

Simply speaking, cloud agility gives organizations the ability to rapidly gain access to new storage in just minutes. The same provisioning could take weeks, or even months, when waiting for fulfillment from on-site IT departments. The benefits are pretty clear. Here’s a brief look at just a few of them.

A Brief Look at the Pros

The cloud can help any business gain much-needed agility along with improved document management. Organizations with limited IT resources are especially poised to benefit.

  1. Leveraging tools via the cloud can speed up deployment.
  2. With no need to wait for additional servers and expanded databases, development teams can begin their efforts sooner.
  3. Use virtual machines to create templates. This “click and go” approach saves times and money.

Be Careful: Don’t Waste Money on Unused Cloud

One caveat: Turned on instances can be a great way to lose some serious money in a hurry. After testing phases are over, it’s important to turn down (or off) instances when the task is completed to keep cloud service bills from going up fast. Since resources can be added again at a moment’s notice, there’s no cause for concern. Bottom line? Appoint a staff member to keep track of instances from start to finish.

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