If you work out of the office or telecommute to work, chances are you probably don’t spend a lot of time in the main office but there are certain things you will need to matter where you do business. In the office, on the set, or at the job site you will need access to documents, contracts, sales material, and maybe even a company printer.
Managed service supports any size company with offsite work; help manage budgets and costs associated with these tasks. When you know exactly how much of your office budget goes to each service, you can manage your office budget for other necessities such as software updates or expand your office.
When it comes to managed service, you can trust C.A.Reding Company with all your business needs.
What you need, we can do:
  • Document Routing 
    Finding the right multifunction system to handle your document routing needs is a must. C.A. Reding can help you find the right machine for your office, no matter what size of business you manage. Routing your print jobs and documents helps increase workflow and relieves stress on your staff. Be able to access and share web folder, email addresses and CRM systems with ease.
  • Document Management
    The days of spending hours looking for a lost document or recreating lost documents are over. Not only can you share documents but also save drafts and changes to any managed document service. Have access to files offsite in case of an emergency. Travel to your clients with ease knowing that you have access to all of your important documents and contracts at the click of a button. Stop limiting your office and support your employees with this modern service.
  • Print Management
    Your office will see almost instant savings from a well-managed print service. Take the stress out of remembering to order supplies on time, a well-managed print service can monitor that for you and send in orders as needed to your vendor or dealer. Forget having sensitive documents accidentally picked up from the paper tray. Implement a security feature with you print management service that allows you to enter a code to retrieve your sensitive files.
Take the stress out of your everyday tasks and spend your time on projects that bring in revenue instead of finding lost documents or fighting with the printer. Contact us today to see how we can help you get your office eon the right track. C.A. Reding is your one stop place for all of your office needs. Contact us by submitting an INSTANT QUOTE.