Financial institutions are traditionally paper-intensive environments. Paper-based procedures exist from the admissions process and financial aid to human resources and beyond. Educational systems, both public and private, stand to benefit in numerous ways by replacing paper-heavy processes with a streamlined electronic Document Management System.

Time Really Is Money

Searching for stored paper documents is a huge time-waster, and when the search turns up empty, costs can add up quickly.

  • Estimates are that knowledge workers spend up to 35% of each work day just searching for information.
  • When the required document isn’t located, it must be recreated, adding even more time and expense to the process.
  • Estimates are that when staff members create new reports, up to 90% of the information already exists elsewhere, but can’t be located.
  • The inability to find needed information is believed to cost organizations an estimated $5,000 per staff member per year.

A Document Management System can help your educational institution reclaim those lost hours and revenues, turning them into highly productive, value-added activities that directly benefit students and the departments that serve them.

Automate Daily Activities

Got bottlenecks? Paper-driven processes are often the cause. Electronic Document Management can help users and departments automate daily processes and administrative activities. Access content faster and with greater efficiency, providing answers in a single view and taking procedures from start to finish with just a few clicks.

Go Paperless to Go Green

Document-intensive office processes aren’t going away for the education sector, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a heavy reliance upon paper. A Document Management System can replace paper-based procedures with streamlined electronic processes that bypass printing.

  • Save paper and trees by replacing paper documents with digital content.
  • Use fewer consumables like ink and toner.
  • Cut back on the energy used during printing processes.

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