There’s no doubt that Managed Print Services can deliver a host of benefits to any organization that relies upon document printing for their daily workflows. From cost savings to improved productivity, it’s hard not to see the advantages. That’s why we’re going to take a different approach and look at some of the disadvantages that could impact businesses without a Managed Print strategy.

Increased Security Risks

Securing your data is a good business decision, and it’s also the law. A lack of a strategic solution for managing your information can lead to security leaks and the host of problems that accompany them. Companies who ignore the inherent problems found within an unmanaged print environment can expect compromised data incidents to occur on a regular basis. Consider these issues:

Documents left Unattended in Print Trays Present Huge Risks

Documents released prematurely and abandoned in print trays are a major concern. Employees report seeing confidential documents on a regular basis. From confidential correspondence to private employee salary information, these incidents represent a violation of privacy laws. With Managed Print Services, the problem of security risks during the printing process can be avoided:

  • User tracking and audit trails show who printed what, and when.
  • Advanced hard drive encryption makes sure the data stored on multifunction printers isn’t vulnerable to hackers and unauthorized parties.
  • User authentications, passwords, and ID cards are just some of the ways employers can prevent sensitive documents from releasing prematurely into print trays.

Increased Risks to the Environment

An unmanaged print environment can cause your organization’s carbon footprint to soar.

  • Toner cartridges are estimated to take up to 450 years to decompose in the environment.
  • With no controls on printing, the average knowledge worker throws away 45% of the documents they print each day.

Managed Print Services can help your company institute printing best practices to eliminate waste on every level.

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