Any company can easily get bogged down with a large amount of paper documents that must continually be filed away into storage. A popular option that has arisen recently is the process of off site storage. These services allow a company to eliminate clutter by storing documents outside of their normal facilities. However, this is not the most effective option, and in the long run, can actually decrease efficiency.
Off-site document storage accomplishes one main goal: to free up precious office space that was previously taken up by filing cabinets. The problem most businesses don’t understand is that you will pay more for off-site storage than for a document management solution, and receive much less in terms of productivity increases. Properly utilizing document management solutions can actually save your business money! Here are some of the best incentives of switching to a document management solution:

Cut Costs: By using document management, you don’t have to pay for off-site costs that are related with storage. All documents are stored digitally, which takes up no more room than the server you are storing it on.
Simplify Retrieval: When you choose off-site storage, you must request each document you are looking to retrieve. It then has to be sent to you after the facility processes your request. This can seriously hamper productivity and put off projects for days that could have been completed in a matter of minutes. Document Management allows you to retrieve documents with a few simple clicks.
Increase Security: Document Management is the best option for long term, high security storage of your documents. You can set permissions so that only those meant to access these files can. Documents are also now safe from the effects of fire, flooding, or other natural disasters that would destroy physical documents

These are just a few of the reasons to go with a document management solution. Contact the team at CA Reding today to find out more.