This year over 1.2 million office multifunction systems will be installed in the United States and the movement continues to grow. These systems provide printing, copying, faxing, and scanning features in one cost-effective device.
The basic logic behind these systems is obvious: it is just practical to combine these similar functions for cost savings and fewer devices to supply.
However, some of the largest reasons behind the rapid implementation of these systems extend beyond cost savings. Multifunction devices can merge with document management software to allow process automation and deliver bottom line results.

Modernized Communication: Multifunction systems email, fax and print together. Scan to email functionality delivers paper documents securely to their recipients as email attachments. Fax routing directs incoming faxes to email addresses.
Automated Business Processes: Multifunction systems offer a convenient on-ramp to get paper onto a digital network. New capture software provides the technology for information to be read from scanned documents where it can be routed through a pre-defined workflow.

Expanded Security Features: Security and compliance are hot new issues for virtually every industry. Multifunction systems can help enhance your corporate security with a secure Electronic Document Management System.

If you are looking for a corporate initiative to save money, then you likely are considering or have already implemented multifunctional technology. Even if you already have a multifunction device integrated into your business processes, there are always new features that can improve the efficiency of your office.