One of the perks of owning state-of-the-art office equipment is the ability to print customer-facing materials in-house. New software and printer technology have made the process available to the even the most casual user.

Print Your Own Company Stationery

One of the best ways to utilize your office equipment is to design and print your own letterhead. With nearly everyone opting for digital mass communications these days, a personalized letter on elegant stationery can make a serious, lasting impression. Below are a few tips to help you succeed.

1. Promote Your Brand

If you’ve already invested a sizable chunk into your organization’s brand (and you still like it), use your letterhead as an opportunity to promote your company even further. You can even take elements of your logo or brand and divide them up among your letterhead, envelope, and reply card.

2. Keep It Simple

Less is more when it comes to your brand and your letterhead. Flourishes and special effects may crowd out your message. Simplicity is critical to keep the focus on your brand, your image, and your company.

3. Selecting a Font

A poor font choice can ruin an otherwise good design. Aim for clean lines, readability, and a unified look that goes well with your style. Your business cards, website, brochures, packaging and other customer-facing materials should all work together to solidify your company’s brand and culture in the minds of your clients.

4. Begin With the Right Equipment

The right office equipment can deliver improvements across your organization. From the savings of not having to pay for expensive outsourcing to the convenience of printing short runs on demand, the advantages stack up quickly.

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