Most businesses look at printing as a necessary cost, and one they can do little to change. If you look no further than the price of paper and toner, you may not be concerned enough to do much, if anything, to reduce those costs.

Your Real Costs

The true cost of printing encompasses more than just the direct expenses of paper and toner cartridges. In fact, an unmanaged print environment could consume as much as 3% of your organization’s annual revenues. For most companies, that’s a cost they’d like to see come down.

The true cost of printing involves a host of expenses and activities throughout your organizational infrastructure. Consider these print-related expenditures:

1. Maintenance and repairs — With no formal plan in place for routine maintenance, your printers and copiers can break down unexpectedly. With a Managed Print Services agreement, your copiers will receive regular maintenance and updates. Remote monitoring will alert Managed Print service technicians of potential problems before they have a chance to bring your staff’s productivity to a halt.

2. Print-related workflows — Your multifunction copiers and printers are designed to automate processes and save your staff time. Route documents without printing, automate repetitive processes, and copy, print, scan, and fax from one work-saving device. If you’re not using your copiers to their fullest potential, your Managed Print provider can help you find out how.

3. Unnecessary printing — From default settings like automatic duplexing to save paper and features limiting who can print color, there are capabilities on your copiers to help your business reduce wasteful printing habits.

4. More staff time — Your printers and copiers must be managed. The default staff member in your organization (administrative assistant? IT staff?) probably has other things to do. Let your employees get back to work and save up to 30% on your current print spend with Managed Print.

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