Many organizations look at their printers as basic tools for daily office workflows, using them to produce financial documents, reports, and inter-office communications. While that’s a great place to start, it’s also true that your printer can be a tool to bring new business opportunities your way, save some money, and improve daily workflows. Here are just a few ideas to get more from your office printers.

Professional Marketing Tools

Today’s quality printers can help your organization produce professional quality promotional materials right in your office. Try some of these ideas:

  • Postcards— Let your clients know about upcoming special events and sales with high impact color postcards that arrive in the mail. Include a coupon while you’re at it to make the mailing, even more, appealing. Research shows that consumers still respond very positively to tangible, printed materials they can hold in their hands.
  • Magnets— Let your organization say hello every morning with a magnet that customers can put on their fridge. Proudly hold up a crayon rendition of the family dog while also reminding customers of the services and goods your company has to offer. Talk about multi-tasking!

Go Green

Did you know that many printers include built-in green technologies to help your company reduce its carbon footprint? From paper saving features like automatic duplexing and power-saving sleep modes, many of these features also help to reduce costs.

To save even further, try downloading Ecofont, a revolutionary software that cuts back on toner by up to 50%. The concept is simple. Tiny holes in each letter and character (all invisible to the naked eye) drastically reduce ink and toner consumption. You’ll save money and help keep toner cartridges out of recycling bins and landfills.

To learn more ways your printers can help your organization improve the way you do business, contact us at C.A. Reding today!