Do you and your copier have a love/hate relationship? Does that relationship border more on frustration than gratitude? Peace is possible without looking for a new copier to love. Before you give up on your machine forever, here are a few tips to help you work with your copier.

Choosing Paper

Sometimes it’s not you…it’s the paper. If you are struggling to make a quality print, you should know that sometimes your copier needs specific paper to get the job done. Selecting paper that is a bit higher in quality can make a big difference. And, if you are printing something with images, regular paper probably won’t suffice.

Proper Loading

In addition to ensuring your paper is the best kind for your print, loading that paper correctly is key. If the paper you load is bent or stacked incorrectly, your quality will suffer. Take the time to make sure you are giving the paper some TLC as you are loading it — don’t just cram large stacks in the tray. Using different kinds of paper also calls for different loading procedures, such as loading in a side feeder.

Arranging the Originals

Readying your originals takes some extra care, too. Whether you are placing a single paper on the glass plate (platen) or loading into a feeder, the copier will take its cues from you. Make sure your platen is clean. Adjust your trays to fit the stack you are copying.

Adjusting the Settings

Your copier has settings that make a big difference. Adjusting the lightness, for example, can positively affect the overall quality. The easiest copies to make come from an original that is already in black and white. If you are copying something with color gradient or with a background, even the most advanced settings won’t get your copies perfect.

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