You probably have a basic understanding of what’s going on inside an inkjet cartridge and printer, but laser printer and the powdered toner they use is a little different.

For business use, most offices choose laser printers. They may be more costly upfront, but their total cost of ownership is significantly lower than desktop inkjet printers. This lower TCO stems from the typically long life of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) toner cartridges. Laser printers also deliver a higher page-per-minute to meet high demand.

What’s Inside?

You may have wondered what’s happening inside your laser printer. It all starts with the toner cartridge.

Toner consists of a fine mixture of colored powder and plastic particles. The toner accepts a magnetic charge from the printer’s drum, which lifts the particles and rolls them onto the page. Here’s where the laser comes into play. The heat from the laser beam melts and glues the toner particles onto the page, which explains why documents are warm when they enter the print tray.

OEM Toner & Supplies

If you’ve invested in a professional-grade laser printer, don’t take a risk on off-brand toner and supplies. Original Equipment Manufacturer supplies last longer, produce more images, and won’t cause problems for your device. In fact, off-brand toner cartridges and parts could void the warranty on your printer.

One of the best ways to keep your laser printers operating smoothly is to have regular checkups and routine maintenance performed by your equipment dealer. If you own several devices, a Managed Print Services partnership is the best way to keep your devices in top condition. They’ll also provide delivery of toner and other supplies when you need them and reduce your printing costs, all under one monthly price for your entire print infrastructure.

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