While most businesses want to establish greener practices in their office spaces, many are unsure where to begin, or whether their actions are even making a difference. At C.A. Reding, we are committed to helping companies Go Green, that’s why we offer our Green Office Certification for offices in Fresno and beyond.

Here are a few tips to help you make your office greener.

Greener Shopping

Taking stock of your shopping habits is a great place to start. To become a greener shopper:

  • Be intentional in your purchases and look for green products (recycled materials, green certifications, etc.)
  • Shop smarter by creating larger orders instead of multiple small orders
  • Consider recycled/refurbished equipment when looking for new office supplies or furniture
  • Donate or recycle used products

Greener Habits

Ensuring that your shopping habits align with your green initiatives can help you establish green policies.

  • Promote green practices in your employees: encourage carpooling and greener travel
  • Save energy by getting into the practice of turning off lights and changing thermostat settings
  • Set standards for your employees in regards to printing, energy use, and more

Green Made Easy

Everyone knows the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These practices are actually very easy to implement.

  • Encourage recycling by making recycling bins easy to access and intuitively located (such as paper recycling next to the printer, can recycling near the lunchroom)
  • Reduce waste by adjusting printer defaults to duplex printing and other paper-saving settings
  • Reuse scrap paper whenever possible

Ready to take it to the next step? Contact C.A. Reding to learn more about our Green Office Certification. We make a big deal about reducing: waste, energy, and paper, which has the extra benefit of reducing expenses. Going green has never been easier or more beneficial!