In a tight economy, it is hard to justify spending a bunch of money on high-end advertising that may or may not bring profitable results. However, you need to continue to increase your business, so what are you options?
Your most valuable resource is your list of current clients. Clients who have already purchased a service or product from you are much more likely to  purchase again. It is important to ensure your current clients are aware of all the products and services you offer.
A cost-effective way to keep your clients informed of upcoming promotions is through color statement stuffers. If you are already mailing a statement to a client, you might as well include additional information about new products or promotions.
With easy color output in many multifunction devices, you can create color inserts that double as marketing materials for mere pennies.

Inserts can be conveniently created on your computer from templates with popular software like Microsoft™ Publisher. The inserts can be printed on your color output device and included with statements, invoices, or even newsletters.
Instead of creating a simple insert, you can also create an entire color invoice complete with marketing material. Existing invoices can easily be reformatted using Electronic forms software to print in color. A marketing message or upcoming promotion can be added anywhere on the new invoice layout.
In addition to creating new business from your current clients, color invoices have been proved to get paid faster, improving your collection process.
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