A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that the use of graphics increased the persuasiveness of a message by 47%. This is due to the fact that color graphics help people learn faster and then retain what they learned. Therefore, it is a very logical step to send out proposals and marketing materials in color.
When using color, it is crucial to use it effectively. If the graphics are related to your message then it will actually become more of a distraction than a teaching aid.
Here are some ideas to consider when creating a color proposal:
Include the Client’s Logo. By adding the customer’s logo, the proposal will automatically feel more personalized and custom. However, make sure your logo is not sized larger than the client’s logo.

Incorporate the Client’s Colors. By replicating the client’s colors throughout the proposal, you can easily create a sense of familiarity. As the client looks at the proposal it will feel very comfortable.

Use High Quality Graphics. When adding photos or clipart be careful not to stretch or skew the image. You don’t want the graphics to come out pixelated or blurry.

Charts and Graphs Will Reinforce your Point. People are more likely to look at graphics rather than read lengthy paragraphs. By including charts and graphs, you often get paragraphs of information in one single statistical image.

Develop Professional Templates. You can drastically increase your professionalism through the use of a graphic designer. The designer can create a custom template for office software for a minor fee.
With easy and cost-effective color printing, you can make your proposal materials more profitable.
With a small amount of effort you can make your proposal materials look great and make a profitable impact. Images and graphics make a large impact on prospective clients and can help you to solidify the sale.