Halloween Attractions in Bakersfield in 2017

halloween attractions in bakersfield, ca

This Halloween season, haunted houses in Bakersfield are gearing up for crowds of brave souls to explore their fear-filled attractions. For kids and those who don't like to be scared out of their pants, enjoy safe activities like corn mazes and pumpkin patches. Here are 4 attractions near you to check out for Halloween 2017: 

1. Talladega Frights Haunted House at Talledega Ranch

talladega frights bakersfield ca 2017

Location: Talledega Ranch at 3825 Riverlakes Drive
Dates: Opens Sept 29-Oct 29, Thurs/Sun 7-10pm & Fri/Sun 7-Midnight
Price: $20
Website: www.talladegaranch.com/talladega-frights

What's new on Talledega Ranch is two new attractions. Beacon Point State Hospital and The Catacombs. Also returning back is the Haunted Corn Maze. Parking is free.  

2. Bakersfield Halloween Town 2017

Location: 3825 Riverlakes Drive
Dates: Sept 30-Oct 31
Price: $10-20
Website: http://www.talladegaranch.com/halloween-town-page

Halloween Town in Bakersfield is fall fun for the entire family featuring Pumpking Patch, Fall Hayride and a new attraction, Non-Scary Family Friendly Corn Maze. HT is the place to be for your kids. 

3. Little Bears Pumpkin Patch in Bakersfield

bakersfield pumpkin patch at Little Bears

Location: 19040 Shafter Ave. ​
Dates: Now through end of Oct 2017
Price: Free to get in
Website: https://www.facebook.com/LittleBearsPumpkinPatch

Perfect for kids of all ages during Halloween season with safe attractions like child-sized haybale maze, farm animal tours and more. You can also purchase pumpkins, pies and refreshments. 

4. Banducci's Family Pumpkin Patch 

pumpkin patch in bakersfield ca

Date: Oct 5th-End of Oct 2017
Location: 10747 Taft Hwy, Bakersfield
Price: Free to get in
Website: www.facebook.com/BanducciFamilyPumpkinPatch

Great safe Halloween fun for kids in Bakersfield. Banducci's has everything under the sun such as a pumpkin patch, corn maze, pony rides, snacks and refreshment stands. Payment, cash only. Call ahead of time for updated information.

This Halloween guide was put together by our staff at our Bakersfield office. We sell copiers and printers in Bakersfield for over 30 years.