Renting a copier machine for your event does’t have to be difficult. When you have a large function or a big task to tackle, avoid using a personal copier. At C.A. Reding, you can rent a copier for a few days to a few weeks – no event is too larg or small for us to handle. Still stuck on where to begin? We got covered in our event copier rental guide below.

5 Major Reasons Your Event Needs a Copier Rental

  1. Avoide damages to your own copier due to transportation
  2. Cost effective to rent versus buying a store brand copier
  3. Write off the rental charges & services on your business taxes*
  4. No time to setup, we can be on-site and deliver the machine
  5. If you need to make color copies, 11 X 17 format or hole punch and finishing features – you can rent specific types of copiers with the latest technology without putting stress on your personal machine

*speak with a CPA

Copiers are an essential tool for today’s corporate events. Talk to our specialized team to get started today!