Multitasking is an everyday occurrence for most of us, especially in the business world. We follow the example of our technology and take on more tasks at a time, often boosting efficiency.

But sometimes, as we all know, our multitasking is our greatest weakness. We’re distracted, or we can’t complete a task fully before moving on to a new one. The fact is, humans aren’t always great multitaskers.

Allow us to introduce you to a truly excellent multitasker: the multifunction printer. The multifunction printer is a workhorse in the office, with features that can benefit any company, large or small.

The Many Advantages of a Multifunction Printer

Whether you own a small or home-based business or are a part of a large, multi-departmental corporation, there’s a multifunction printer for you. Though the different kinds of multifunction printers are varied and broad, they all share similar benefits.

Cost Savings

You’ll save significant money when you invest in a multifunction printer. You won’t have to purchase separate, standalone machines to do the work of printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. Instead, one high-quality machine can do it all for you. In addition, you’ll save in energy costs by using only one Energy Star rated machine.

Reduced Waste

Multifunction printers are the epitome of efficiency, using only the resources they need. Energy efficiency saves power, while the compact footprint saves valuable office space. You’ll also save paper when you choose the digitizing options of the multifunction printer’s scanner.

Added Functions and Convenience

Did you know that many multifunction printers include finishing options like stapling and booklet making? Think of the convenience that one centrally-located machine for our entire office offers.

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