Your organization undoubtedly has need of multiple machines to fax, print, scan, and copy. These functions are essential to doing business today. A multifunction printer can combine all these machines into one efficient device, saving you time, money, and space.

There are many benefits to multifunction printers (MFPs). These benefits range from waste reduction to added functionality. But ultimately the benefits of MFPs come down to savings: time saved, money saved, and space saved.

Convenience saves you time

Team members can enjoy the simplified convenience of one central printer for everything from large print jobs to quick photocopies. In addition, with a multifunction printer from C.A. Reding, you have one phone call to make for supply ordering and support. One machine means time saved.

Lower cost

The one-time purchase of an MFP saves you money by making multiple machines obsolete. MFPs also use only one set of supplies for all of its functions, eliminating the waste of ordering different kinds of ink and other consumables. Finally, MFPs are more energy efficient, meaning they add up to an energy savings.

Less space

Many office spaces are cluttered with machines that only serve a few people or perhaps don’t function well at all. With multifunction printers, one central machine can serve your entire office or an entire department, meaning space is saved.

Take your organization to the next level and improve your productivity with a multifunction printer. Give us a call today for more information.