Everyone in the healthcare services knows that back office practices have a direct impact on patient care. From safeguarding patient records to streamlining billing and insurance processes, everything works together to improve patient care.

Without careful management, healthcare-related documents can become disorderly, wasting both time and money in the office. If you’d like to improve the way your medical practice handles patient records, Document Management Services provides the answers you’ve been seeking.

Improve Access

Document Management gives your personnel quick access to the information they need to improve patient care. Eliminate the time your staff members spend scouring through paper files by replacing them with easily searchable digital records.

Improve the Admissions Process

Admissions processes are the perfect candidate for Electronic Document Management. The old method of making a hard copy of insurance cards, patient ID cards and other documentation costs your practice time and money. Slow check-in procedures are also a frequent source of patient frustration. A Document Management System allows admissions personnel to scan the required documentation and then route everything directly to patient files.

Meet Regulatory Requirements and Increase Security

The healthcare industry guards more than patient health; they guard thousands of documents that contain private patient information. Document Management replaces paper documents and files with secure digital versions that meet HIPAA and other government privacy mandates.

Improve Billing and Insurance Processes

Document Management improves both patient billing and insurance claims procedures.

  • Eliminate errors caused by repetitive data entry and lost paper documents.
  • Scan statements, checks, Explanation of Benefits forms, and insurance claims.
  • Create patient portals to give your clients online digital access to their records.
  • Implement online billing and payment procedures to shorten the process and reduce costs.

To learn more about digitizing your healthcare practice through electronic Document Management, get in touch with the expert staff at C.A. Reding today!