There is no doubt most offices have taken advantage of the benefits of wireless internet. Without having to deal with cumbersome cables, employees are able to conduct their work throughout the office, increasing collaboration. Now you can increase the productivity of your business even more with multifunction devices with Wi-Fi connectivity. A wireless device allows documents to be printed from portable laptops, digital cameras or other devices within range.
Through the use of a built-in Wireless Network Interface Card (WNIC), printers are now more mobile and versatile than ever. By replacing the standard USB connection, you allow for minimal cabling to connect the device to electricity. Not only does this provide mobile printing, but it also makes reallocating your devices quick and easy.
Wireless multifunction devices still have all the features of a standard device and also reduce clutter and dangerous cables in offices. With access to a central printer connected to a Wi-Fi hub, hundreds of employees will have printing capabilities without having to share cables.
When it comes to designing and customizing the layout of workspaces, wireless devices offer expanded flexibility. Most wireless multifunction systems can work within a radius of about 150 feet.

Multifunction devices with Wi-Fi connectivity are not restricted in features, either. They can perform all the standard functions of wired devices such as scanning, copying, color printing, and remote access. However, with wireless connections, you give your office the power to print to any device within range.
Even with this increased functionality, Wi-Fi printers are not necessarily more expensive than standard printers, especially as the technology becomes more of a standard feature on new models. The fact that you can now use a central printer from any number of computers and devices can also save on the cost of having to buy additional printers for each area of the office.
Wireless multifunction models are increasing productivity in offices around the world. You have the ability to print to any device within range, therefore allowing you maximum flexibility. This can be very beneficial for client meetings or presentations.