Keying in data off of business forms is often a very monotonous and time-consuming process. Plus, the more the processes are rushed, the more errors are made.
Fortunately, you can utilize your multifunction systems to automatically enter routine data. Data Capture software has the ability to read data from scanned documents and translate it into your business applications. It can also index the scanned documents for easy retrieval later on.
Data Capture software uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to translate scanned text into editable text. When the document is scanned using a multifunction system, it is routed to a folder where it is processed.

The software allows you to set up capture zones to handle multiple areas of information. These OCR zones can acquire the data and insert them into their respective data fields. In order for this to work correctly, all you need is a uniform form that is structured similarly every time such as an invoice, delivery ticket or an explanation of benefits. Consistent layout is key.
Data Capture technology provides the ability to replace manual data entry in a variety of ways. A couple of examples include: processing invoices, storing scanned documents for retrieval at a later date, organizing delivery/shipping tickets and even managing payroll.
Minimizing manual data entry can drastically improve the cost-efficiency of your office and it can be applied to a variety of situations.