Did you know Managed Print Services can help your retail organization reduce printing costs by up to 30%? To find out the many ways you can benefit with a Managed Print Services partnership, read on.

7 Top Benefits of Managed Print Services to Save Money

  1. Ongoing data reporting— Find out exactly how much is being printed, how much it costs you, and which departments print the highest volumes. Managed Print Services can use this data to identify waste and implement easy cost-control strategies.
  2. Fleet right-sizing— Many retail enterprises have no idea how many printers are in use across their organization. A Managed Print Services assessment can help eliminate unnecessary devices. Strategic relocation of the remaining devices means improved workflows and productivity in all departments.
  3. Improved customer service— Managed Print Services can help you focus on your customers instead of dealing with the problems associated with an unmanaged print environment.
  4. Reduced IT burden— When your IT staff spends a great deal of time on printer-related issues, they aren’t free to focus on value-added projects.
  5. Improved visibility— When information flows better, everyone benefits.
  6. Fewer downtimes— Printer problems can frustrate employees and cause missed deadlines. Managed Print Services providers monitor your devices, addressing issues long before they become serious problems and negatively impact your productivity.
  7. Automated supply reordering— With Managed Print Services, toner and other supplies arrive when you need them. You’ll be spared the hassle of managing inventories, keeping track of who needs what and when, and running out in the middle of important projects.

Go Green & Gain Customer Loyalty

With Managed Print Services, you’ll reduce paper waste as well as power consumption. Aside from the worthy goal of reducing your impact on the environment, you’ll also gain customer loyalty. Research shows that consumers notice when retailers implement green initiatives. When customers feel good about your environmental practices, they’ll be happy to participate with you.

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