As a business owner and manager your main priority should be your customers and the service your employees give to your customers. One daily task that tends to take more valuable time then be productive is printing and your offices’ printing process.
Are you supporting your team with print management service? Not only does this service supports your staff but also gives your employees the tools to give exceptional customer service. Managed print service is an effective business tool for todays’ modern office.
There are many benefits of print management; three top benefits you will notice immediately are:

Eliminate Major Cost

When you think of printing costs are you thinking of just the ink? Have you thought about potential theft? Have you taken special care to get your order right? Reduce costly wrong orders of supplies by allowing a managed print service to monitor and order your supplies for you. Never be caught without proper equipment and reduce the risk of have extra product around the office reducing the risk of theft.
Monitor Printing Activities
Besides your businesses initial print analysis, do you know how much supplies your office uses? Can you identify how your office is eliminating waste? Don’t let the cost of printing get out of control. A managed print service allows you to monitor who is printing and how many print jobs are processed every month.  Monitoring your print activity doesn’t stop at user monitoring; monitor your supplies and the cost of your supplies. It may be more cost effective to setup up your employees to print on a black and white printer for daily print jobs and have your expensive color printers used only for special reports or client interactions.
Manage Office Expenses
When you know how much you are spending a month on printing, it’s easier to keep your budgets in order. If you know how much you spend monthly on your print budget, it’s easy to find ways to manages the expense by reducing any wasted materials or remove unnecessary print activities. The saving you find in your daily printing can be applied to other areas of the office that may need an extended budget for the month, such as new chairs, new software or new office equipment.
Take advantage of managed print services today! These are just some of the many benefits you will find with managed print services, contact us today to learn how our services can help your business save money, save on printing supplies, and reduce waste!