Whether you work in a law office or accounting firm, you know the stress of printing sensitive documents to the office printers. If you’re lucky, you may have a private office printer or a secure printing room that requires a code for entrance. It’s not fun and can be distracting to your coworkers when you sprint down the hallway to the printer. Don’t take the chance of having someone scoop up your sensitive prints with their print job.
Here are two easy ways to secure your sensitive print jobs:
Change Your Settings – When you are ready to print your document you can change the settings on your printer from your computer to ask the printer to hold the job until you arrive. If you are working with a Xerox printer, you can find these settings under “Job Type” and “Secure Print.” If you are working with an HP printer, you can find the settings under “Destination Features” and “Job Retention.”
Modern Printer Technology – Todays modern printers come equipped with security features. When printing a secure document you can have your printer hold your print job until you enter a specific code. This also helps keep misprints to a minimum and keeps print jobs secure. Modern printers can work flawlessly with print management that allows for extra security when printing.
Don’t put your sensitive files in jeopardy; make sure your office has a way of securing your sensitive prints. Contact C.A. Reding if you have any questions about modern printer features or print management.