At C.A. Reding, we often talk about business practices and concepts that can help you go green. Your organization can choose managed print services to reduce unnecessary printing and use document management to take your paper files digital. However, there is another way to reduce your paper usage significantly that you may not have thought of: purchasing a multifunction printer.

At first glance, a multifunction printer has many benefits over the typical machine. These advantages include:

  • The functionality of a printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner all in one machine
  • The latest in finish options such as hole-punching, booklet production, and stapling
  • High-resolution copying
  • Easy scanning capabilities
  • Ease of use and efficiency

Still beyond these advantages, there are a few that help your company go green while saving money. Here’s how to use your multifunction printer to reduce your impact on the environment.

  1. Go digital. With advanced scanning technology, you can scan paper-based documents into a digital format to save, share, and store. Paper is wasted every day in offices when it is simply unnecessary.
  2. Print smart. Consider printing double-sided whenever possible, and take advantage of the multifunction printer’s high-yield replacement toner cartridges to save ink.
  3. Upgrade your faxing. With a multifunction printer, you can send faxes directly to your document management system rather than printing them out immediately.

With a multifunction printer, you can go green, save money, and enjoy advanced time-saving technology. To learn more, call C.A. Reding today.