One of the most dreaded parts of working with a printing or copier fleet is working with the ink and toner. You could be changing the cartridge, troubleshooting or simply working with the prints, and you can get ink and toner on your hands and clothes. It’s not the end of the world, and you won’t have to throw out your clothes. Of course, you will want to avoid being in this situation all together but just in case it does happen we have gathered up some easy tricks to remove ink and toner!
Here are a few tricks to remove those pesky stains:
  • Spray And Wash Detergents/Spay – These spray detergents work great on large and small spots. When shopping for these spray and wash products read the label very carefully. Some products are harmful to fabric types like pure silk or wool. Pay special attention to the types of stains the brand claims to remove.
  • Rubbing Alcohol – Rubbing alcohol is great for small ink removal spots on your skin. Do not use rubbing alcohol on fabric. Rubbing alcohol can leave your skin dry so make sure to follow up with a moisturizer.
  • Common Toothpaste – You can use either regular or toothpaste with whitening power. Toothpaste works best on skin with large and small ink spot removal, won’t damage your skin, and leaving your skin smelling minty fresh.
  • Sugar – Believe it or not, sugar will actually help you remove ink and toner stains from your skin. The sooner you try to remove the ink the better; sugar will not help you remove set in stains.
  • Hairspray – Hair spray will remove ink stains from your skin and your clothes. For larger ink removal jobs, you will need a lot of hairspray. Make sure to really saturate the ink stain with hairspray then wash as directed. You can use hairspray on your skin as well, but you will want to follow up with a moisturizer because it will dry out your skin.
  • Baby Oil – When you use baby oil to remove inks stains you will not have to follow up with a moisturizer because baby oil does not use alcohol or other harsh chemicals to remove the ink stain. You can use baby oil on both your skin and clothes.
Accidents happen; the best defense is to avoid getting ink on your clothes and skin, but you cannot control all situations. If you have any questions about office equipment, contact us today!