Business owners are always looking for more advanced ways at running their company. It’s a smart practice for business owners to find new cost-effective methods that promote productivity.

So how do you know what practices work best of you?

Below are a few of ways a company can promote workflow and reduce costs:

1. Managed Print Services
New technology has opened the door to innovative tools that reduce printing costs. These are tools that track printing tasks and use of printing devices. In doing so, cost control strategies can be deployed that helps save up to 30% on printing costs.

2. Document Management
Here’s the truth: eliminating paper-based storage systems will reduces costs by a huge margin. How is this possible? It’s possible by converting paper-based storage to an electronic document management system.

Another benefit is the increase in office space, there’s no more bulky file cabinets to get in the way.

Also, this is an extremely safe and secure alternative to the later. Natural disasters can destroy viable physical documents in an instant. This new system, however, will back up your electronic documents with solid security system in place.

3. Document Routing
Document routing involves the direct delivery of electronic documents within an organization. It consists of converting paper-based documents to electronic documents with a process called the “capture process”. Document routing lessens the paper waste in the office, which in turn reduces printing costs. Printing can be extremely expensive and costly to businesses. It can be a struggle to find alternative ways of reducing costs.

That is why we are here to help.

At C.A. Reding we specialize in helping businesses properly manage their printing systems. In addition to cutting costs, our services can help boost productivity and promote the workflow of your office.

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