It can be difficult to find the correct combination of office equipment for your business. You do not want to under equip your staff, causing significant bottlenecks and seriously hindering productivity. On the other hand however, you also do not want to install too many devices to your office, which can lead to significant supply and utility costs and a number of devices that sit there unused, taking up precious space in your office.
With CA Reding, we help you determine the best combination of devices throughout your entire office, including the right number of copiers, printers and multifunction devices to fit your office’s functional needs. Even if you already have a fleet of copiers and printers at your disposal, consolidating equipment into centralized multifunction devices can significant improve the productivity and document production capabilities of your office.
To learn more about how you can optimize your office with multifunction printers from CA Reding that give you the combined ability to print, copy, scan and fax, as well as offering a number of document finishing options, please contact us today!