It may surprise you how much the average business spends on the production of documents on a yearly basis. Document production is becoming increasingly expensive, not because the cost of printing is increasing, but because the amount of documents that the average business produces annually is increasing more than ever before. In this world full of constant document production and an ever hastening speed that business is conducted, we are producing more documents in less time than ever. To stay ahead in business today, your business must take the necessary steps to reduce printing, without losing anything in the process.
Here are some shocking statistics about the documents in your business:

Up to six weeks per year can be lost, simply on the searching and retrieval of documents.
It can cost up to $120, simply searching for a missing document.
It can cost up to $250 recreating a lost or misfiled document.
On average, up to 7 ½% of documents are lost and 3% are misfiled.
The average number of copies of a document that are created in its lifetime is 19.

With proper document management systems in place, there is no reason to have to deal with any of the costs listed above. Businesses can save a significant amount of time and money by simply upgrading the way that they handle documents. Don’t allow your business to fall behind because of outdated filing systems and methods.
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